12 great digital artists to follow if you want to learn digital art – part 1

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12 great digital artists to follow if you want to learn digital art part1

First things first

Here is my list of great digital artists to follow if you want to learn digital art. Quick list and links below, if you want to see and know more plus most of their social links read on…

Part 1

Marc Brunet – Bluefley

Sword fighter from Marc's own creative world.
Art by Marc Brunet

At Blizzard, Marc worked as a Senior Artist on such games as Overwatch, StarCraft 2, and Heroes of the Storm. Secondly Marc has been a freelancer for more than 16 years and currently owns the digital art platform Cubebrush.co. Which means you may rest assured that you are in good hands because of our experience dealing with a diverse clientele, including DeviantArt, Google, ImagineFX, and Wacom.

Why should you follow Marc Brunet?

He created a complete Art school for Digital Artists with a massive curriculum and over 12000+ students enrolled. He posts weekly on YouTube, is active on Instagram, Twitter and I have even seen him in Facebook groups and post on Reddit.

?️ ART School for Digital Artists (28% off) –
?️ His Cubebrush store – ? Instagram
? Facebook – ?️ Twitter – ? Youtube

Tyler Edlin – Brushsauce

Art by Tyler Edlin

Tyler is a concept artist and illustrator with years of creating stunning visuals and helping others achieve more.

Why should you follow Tyler Edlin?

You can follow Tyler for his Patreon and videos, and multiple tutorials on YouTube. Furthermore he also posts regularly on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, coupled with this all he also has an apprenticeship. So you should definitely check out one of his socials as he posts very nice and well illustrated tips and tricks.

?️ Brushsauce – ? Instagram
? Facebook – ?️ Twitter
? Youtube


wingfox course cyberpunk girl

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Ross Tran – Rossdraws

Art by Ross Tran

Ross is renowned for creating lifelike portraits. He frequently creates characters from video game, Disney, Pokemon, and other fandoms’ fictional worlds. His use of color dodge is well known. On top of that Ross has previously worked for Disney and is currently developing his own fictional realm, dubbed Nima Verse.

Why should you follow Ross Tran?

He has a patron with different classes that will help you grow as an artist. You can find his first lesson on his YouTube account. He does short tutorial videos and has a massive, loving fanbase!

?️ Rossdraws – ? Instagram
? Facebook – ?️ Twitter
? Youtube

Lois van Baarle – Loish

Art by Lois van Baarle

Lois is a Dutch illustrator who enjoys creating curvaceous, flowing characters. She spent her early years around the globe and came back to the Netherlands in 2005 to study animation. Lois uses a variety of media to spread her knowledge. She works as a freelance animator and illustrator, developing concept art and character designs for various industries.

Why should you follow Lois van Baarle ?

If her massive fan base is any indication, it would be enough. Furthermore she has a Patreon, creates books, does live demonstrations, workshops and tutorials.

?️ Loish – ? Instagram
? Facebook – ?️ Twitter

Aaron Blaise – Creatureartteacher

Art by Aaron Blaise

Among Aaron’s more than three decades of artistic experience, 21 of those years were spent making some of the most recognizable animated films ever. from numerous films, including “Aladdin,” “Mulan,” “Pocahontas,” “The Lion King,” and many others.

Why should you follow Aaron Blaise?

Aaron offers a vast library of traditional and online courses. Furthermore he is also a fantastic animator, so if you want to learn more about it, he is a great place to start.

?️ Creatureartteacher – ? Instagram
? Facebook – ?️ Twitter – ? Youtube

Sam Yang – Samdoesarts

Art by Sam Yang

I watched Sam Yang rise to the top of the art world after following him from a little, baby account. He quickly gained notoriety thanks to his recognizable stylized paintings. You know when someone is live because there is a lot of imitation of his style.

Why should you follow Sam Yang?

Sam imparts what he has learned. Which is always a fantastic approach to gauge your understanding of the subject. Additionally, expands his knowledge on his Patreon account where he posts monthly teachings of particular topics. regularly uploads videos to YouTube and publishes amazing artwork on Twitter and Instagram!

? Instagram – ?️ Twitter – ? Youtube

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