10 amazing digital paintings for a scary Halloween

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I hope you don’t scare easily…, 10 amazing digital paintings for Halloween

Every year I get to see these amazing digital paintings for Halloween depicting all kinds of concepts around this topic. Ghouls, ghosts, witches, zombies, and creepy cabins in the woods. Now finally, it’s my turn to share this with the amazing art community, and I hope it inspires you to also create your amazing digital painting for Halloween!

Halloween 2017

Rise of the pumpkin

Undead Witch


Spooky Jack O’ lantern

Halloween Hideout

Happy Halloween


Halloween blues

Happy Halloween

Share your digital painting for Halloween with us!

Share your digital painting for Halloween with us and we will feature some on our Instagram stories! When you post them on your own account, add #artdrawingreference or add @artdrawingreference to your post or in your comments! We can’t wait to see what people come up with this year!


If you need some inspiration references, I think this pack will help you for now by adding some spooky background to your digital painting.

Statues drawing & painting reference pack


When I was looking for statue practice material previously, it took me some time to locate anything worthwhile. So I had the brilliant idea to photograph the busts and statues I saw while on vacation in France. I’ll bet these will help you in creating amazing halloween images. The horseback rider with a glowing pumpkin on his shoulders. I might do it myself – happy creating!


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