Upcoming artists in 2022

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Which artists should you follow in 2022? This is just our humble take on a mega load of good artists out there but we also want to promote the small fish and give them a fighting chance against the algorithms. So here goes in no particular order.

First up Eben Schumacher – eben.schumacher.art

This guy has been around for some time and is connected to a larger art platform evenant. He has a very nice robust style for portraits and does amazing landscapes, ow he also teaches art 😉

Eben Schumacher instagram overview

Second Denice Vis – the.art.fish

This dutch girl is on her way of doing amazing stuff. She is very kind to the art community and supportive to any artist out there. She has a very strong mentality of constantly learning and improving. Have a look at what she is up to.

Denise Vis instagram overview

Third Steph Sybydlo – dicesms

I first got wind of this artist with her amazing metroid samus piece. If you like games and if you like art in are in the right place with Dicesms! She has a beautiful estatic art style and her art just oozes the love for games.

Next up with Tea – tea_tcdesign

This croatian artist is showcasing some amazing line art together with magical rendering. She mostly showcases females in fantasy, witchy and demonic busts.

Following with Mack – mackandart

Who doesn’t love lego’s with its wild and diverse offering it speaks to young and old. And if you anything like me lego’s just oozes creativity and thats what art is about. You can’t go wrong with his amazing lego inspired portraits.

Another All Star Ellie Cooper – elliecooperart

Very realistic styled art, she does a bunch of scenic and landscape art. She also shows that it is a secret power to add 3D into the mix to get everything started, combined with magical rendering she creates amazing vistas

Italo Mateus – italomateusart

I Have been following this guy for some time now and he does amazing character art, his skill has really grown. He does a mix of fantasy, gaming and realistic and you can definately learn a thing or two from his studies.

Marcello Renoir – marcello_renoir

I just love this mans art. He is also really supportive to the artist community and has such a gorgeous art style. He does a lot of his OC’s combined with commission work. Has an amazing grasp on textures, light, shape & form and rendering!

Ivan Gilbertt- ivangilbertt

I started following Ivan from the start of my artventure. Amazing realistic rendering with a diverse subject, studies, animals, fantasy and much more. Can’t go wrong with following him!

Hyunho Lee – lightbox77

I found Hyunho Lee early on, his growth is amazing but this guy has been around for almost 2 decades with pauses in between. He is cranking out amazing pieces the last two years, with a mix on fantasy, cybernetics with an amazing on point rendering.

Last but definately not least Natalie Bernard – nataliebernardart

Natalie creates fantastic scenic art. Focussing on portrait and half the most, she does a lot of commision work for bookcovers but who can blame her. This style just screams fantasy book cover and will grab any readers attention. Very nice soft rendering almost feels 3D!

Did you see any new artists you didnt know of? Do you feel a specific artist is missing from this list? Let us know!

Are you on this list and don’t like it, we are unhappy to dismiss your art but will do so.


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