Free Malaysian animals references

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Free malaysian animals references

Download the free Malaysian animals references

Painting or drawing animals can be daunting. We all practice portraits and human anatomy but animals become a whole different ball game. In this pack, you will find several different apes and other jungle animals to help you practice and create wildlife for backgrounds. Download your free Malaysian animals references pack below.

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What’s Included ✍️

The animals included in this pack are

  1. Apes (39x)
  2. Green viper snake (1x)
  3. Bird (9x)

Updates – Lifetime updates, even if we stop making this deck free. You will still have it at your fingertips and any updates we do to improve it!

Happy Artists ❤️

We are artists ourselves and as we grow and learn we want to share this with you. But this also means we know what you are looking for and how we can help you because we have been where you are now and even hope to be what some already achieved!

Let us know what you like or dislike and we will improve and do better, for you!

Disclaimer and Licence ?️

Disclaimer: All animals are taken care of in an appropriate manner. In the case of the apes, they are fed additionally to make sure they stay in top health. While allowing them to roam freely through the reserve. They are being fed additional vitamins and other beneficial health products like you can see in the bottles.

License Information: Buying this pack does not allow you to redistribute these images in any way. But we are always open to discussing a license suitable for you. Drop us an email at

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