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Download the statues drawing and painting references

When I was looking for statue practice material previously, it took me some time to locate anything worthwhile. So I had the brilliant idea to photograph the busts and statues I saw while on vacation in France. Which means you don’t need to look around. Additionally these are fantastic for use as backgrounds or on buildings in your projects.! – Happy creating with this statues drawing and painting references pack ❤️

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What’s Included ✍️

The statues currently included in this pack are

  1. 29 busts images
  2. 6 ornaments images
  3. 4 full statue images

Updates – Lifetime updates, even if we make this deck more expensive as the references will keep growing. You will still have it at your fingertips and any updates we do to improve it, you will get for free!

Happy Artists ❤️

We are artists ourselves and as we grow and learn we want to share this with you. But this also means we know what you are looking for and how we can help you because we have been where you are now and even hope to be what some already achieved!

Let us know what you like or dislike and we will improve and do better, for you!

About Us ?

We focus on creating useful and affordable reference pictures for artists. At we also create inspirational content as well as tutorials and how-tos.

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Licence ?️

License Information: Buying this pack does not allow you to redistribute these images in any way. But we are always open to discussing a license suitable for you. Drop us an email at

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