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Really? Free? Yes, they are free!

So when you are starting with art you need any help you can get, right? You’re always looking for free tutorials, free coaching, and free references. So we got you fam! Below you will find a quick list of free reference sites.

Drawing from imagination is hard and takes a lot of time, make it easier on yourself and create better art with references.

Here is a list of free reference sites for your convenience

The free reference site I use often use is Pexels

You can go to and search for your references. Most will be completely free to use some ask for a donation if you like. It is always good to support the creators if you can! Others might ask for a link back. I like to use Pexels for studies. Looking for some epic green mountainous or desert landscape, whatever I think I need for future work.

Free reference website

Another free reference site with Pixabay

Pixabay, is very similar to Pexels in use and look and feel. So bookmark them both and have a nice visual library under your fingertips with free references. Pixabay isn’t only suitable for images, you can also find music, sounds, and videos as well!

Free reference website

Free references on Unsplash

Finally Unsplash, again similar to the previous ones. Unsplash does have a menu at the top with some of the most used categories starting with Current Events. Good if you want to create something that is hyped at the moment. They also allow you to submit your photography work per category if you are into that.

Looking for more free references sites? Well we got you covered!

Find some of our free packs, ready for you to use in your projects or just to practice your landscaping or animals! Let’s go!

Free US national parks references

free us national parks references

Painting or drawing backgrounds can be daunting. We all practice portraits and human anatomy but landscapes are another expertise we often need. In this pack, you will find several different nature parks from the United States to help you practice and create your amazing backgrounds.

Free Malaysian animals references

Painting or drawing animals can be daunting. We all practice portraits and human anatomy but animals become a whole different ball game. In this pack, you will find several different apes and other jungle animals to help you practice and create wildlife for backgrounds.

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