12 great digital artists to follow if you want to learn digital art – part 2

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Here are details of 6 more amazing digital artists

Here is my part 2 list of great digital artists to follow if you want to learn digital art. Quick list off all artists and their links below, if you want to see and know more about them, plus most of their social links read on…

If you are looking for more details from the artists on part 1 you can go here!

Part 1

炜炜 – Guweiz

Art by Guweiz

When Zheng Wei Gu (AKA Guweiz) was 17 years old, he began digital painting after being inspired by a YouTube tutorial on anime art. He has since amassed a sizable following base thanks to his grimy urban manga/anime aesthetic.

Why should you follow Guweiz?

He is one of the few painters who masterfully frames his point of interest with composition despite primarily painting darker scenes. You will learn a lot from Guweiz how to use light, framing your point of interest, painting with dark colors, values, and composition in general.

? Instagram – ? Facebook
?️ Twitter – ? Youtube

Ethan Becker

Art by Ethan Becker

Digital artist and animation narrative director Ethan Becker is well-known for his work on Batman: The Long Halloween and Voltron: Legendary Defender. He has done work for Warner Bros., Dreamworks, and Netflix.

Why should you follow Ethan Becker?

His paintings are heavily imbued with unforgettable qualities, and his distinctive personal style is constantly evident. Even in his biography, he doesn’t hesitate to be obnoxious. Ethan broke into the animation profession, advanced to director, and dominated the art scene on YouTube.

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Stan ‘Proko’penko

Art by Stan Prokopenko

Stan Prokopenko, was born in Odessa, Ukraine during Chernobyl. Which, he claims, explains the superpowers. He is well known for his art platform, Proko.com. Many people have undoubtedly already seen the entertaining tutorials he creates on his Youtube channel.

Why should you follow Stan Prokopenko?

Stan’s interests extend beyond just digital art. His training materials, courses, and social media channels cover a wide range of artistic mediums. And mixing those is beneficial for learning art in general!

?️ Proko – ? Instagram – ? Facebook
?️ Twitter – ? Youtube

Robert Stacy – Sinix

Art by Robert Stacy

Self-taught artist Robert Stacy hails from Yorba Linda, California. He also goes by the name “Sinix” in the art community. In his twenties, he realized his passion for the arts and worked tirelessly to get better. He subsequently got a job with Electronic Arts as an industrial designer, but he soon recognized that his true love is for art education and community development.

Why should you follow Robert Stacy?

Robert started a YouTube channel to provide free art instruction videos for budding artists from all around the world as he shifted his focus to this new objective. Over the years, SinixDesign has expanded and provided a variety of opportunities for community building.

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Philip Sue

Art by Philip Sue

Philip Sue is a science fiction and fantasy art enthusiast from New Zealand who works as an illustrator and environment designer. Digital environment painting is his area of expertise.

Why should you follow Philip Sue?

Philip makes gorgeous landscapes that are frequently animated with a sliding motion. His design aesthetic emphasizes texture, harsh edges, and simplified shapes. He is highly skilled at story telling! Additionally, he enjoys imparting his expertise, albeit frequently too quickly for those among us who are just starting out.

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Ahmed Aldoori

Art by Ahmed Aldoori

Conceptual artist and illustrator Ahmed Aldoori. He produces exquisite artwork that frequently heavily depends on rounded shapes. Additionally, he imparts his knowledge of digital painting through online lessons and courses.

Why should you follow Ahmed Aldoori?

Ahmed is well-known in the art world as well. He created a full course you can follow. His style is otherworldly and his character creation style is very recognizable. You can improve your artistic abilities by watching his many free YouTube courses.

?️ Medsmap – ? Instagram – ? Facebook
?️ Twitter – ? Youtube

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