Hands and feet references

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Hands and feet references

UPDATED 21-6-2024 – I have added another video on how to draw hands from Chommang

What’s a foot’s favorite food? Shoe-shi. All jokes aside, everyone has had trouble drawing hands and, perhaps, feet. Actually, I still do. Fortunately, there are creators out there who are willing to lend a hand ^^. Both in teaching you and creating the original reference material! So, here are the hands and feet references you need.

This collection from reference.pictures is jam-packed with useful resources to aid with your practice. Without having to search the dark interwebs and pay celebrities to have their feet photographed. Sure, when you get frowned upon by your girlfriend she will believe you when you say it’s just for practice…. *cough, no I can’t related —

9 different hand models. 8 different foot models. A total of 1379 references!

The ultimate study pack to learn to draw & paint better, more varied hands and feet!!

Brings you to cubebrush.co

Not looking for feet? Sure…

Here is a hands only reference pack, that Marc used in his video below. You can get this on cubebrush as well. Take me there!

Some examples of the hands and feet references in the pack

Have a look at what you can expect to get.

Marc used one of these packs for drawing hands 12 hours straight!

See Marc draw hands for 12 hours straight, the man is a legend. No the video isn’t 12 hours long, he sped it up. Also stick around or if you seen enough hop on to the end for his learnings!

Marc is a legend, just watch him draw hands for 12 hours straight. He sped up the video, so it is not 12 hours lengthy. Also stick around for his learnings at the end!

How to draw hands like a pro!

These tutorials will assist you in learning how to draw hands. Easy hands start in the first Marc video at 1m 37s, while hard hands start at 7m 19s. Below that, you can find Stan critiquing his students hand drawings, very educational, and very anatomical! And then Marco Bucci turning on your god mode.

Stan Prokopenko’s critique on drawn hands

Btw if you don’t know Stan, go here!

Marco Bucci’s tutorial on drawing hands – God mode activated.

The external reference packs are affiliates, which helps supporting this website. It’s also more than that – it’s a hand-picked recommendation of something I’ve tried or bought myself.

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